The tile baseboard uses this height to add points to the appearance of the home!

INDUSTRY NEWS / 2020-10-26 08:37:50

I believe that when most people are doing home improvement, there will always be some missing edges after the tiles are pasted on the ground, so they will use the skirting line to decorate, and at the same time, it can also make the wall play to a certain extent. Very good protection effect, so how high is the tile base line? What kind of sticker is used for tile skirting? The following editor will take everyone to find out.

1. How high is the tile base line?

1. The height range of the tile baseboard is about 7cm-20cm, because the tile baseboard in this range is easy to buy.

2. The height of the tile baseboard has certain regional characteristics. Most users in the south like the skirting height of about 7cm-8cm, but the overall tile skirting height still depends on the size of the room. At present, the height of the baseboards for ceramic tiles has been reduced a little bit. Generally, the height of 6.6cm or 7cm is used in general households, because this can make the interior decoration look more delicate and beautiful.

3. Tile baseboard height and space scale. If the space is 2.8m high, the tile baseboard is 15cm high. If the space is less than 2.5m, the tile baseboard is 10cm high.

2. What kind of sticker is used for tile skirting?

1. Ordinary cement

2. No nail glue

From the name, we can judge that the free child explains its state of existence, and the nail word explains its nature. The free nail glue is a kind of strong adhesive for multifunctional building structures with strong adhesion. It is generally called liquid glue in foreign countries, and it is called nail-free glue in China. Before the nail-free glue has solidified, it can be removed with turpentine water. After solidification, it can be removed with a scraper or sanding.

3. Bonding mortar

Adhesive mortar Yashi is made of cement, quartz sand, polymer cement, mixed with a variety of days, and then mixed and mixed uniformly. It is mainly used as a binder for bonding insulation boards. It can also be called a The polymer insulation board is bonded with mortar. This kind of bonding mortar is made of modified special cement and a variety of polymer materials, and the filler is compounded by a unique process, with good water retention and high adhesive strength.

4. Tile adhesive

High adhesion, no brick wet wall during construction, good flexibility, waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-cracking, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, convenient construction, used for indoor and outdoor ceramic wall and floor tiles 2. The adhesion of ceramic mosaic is also suitable for the waterproof layer of various buildings, such as internal and external walls, pools, kitchens, toilets, basements, etc., and for the adhesion of ceramic tiles on the surface of external insulation systems.