How to choose the baseboard? Look here!

COMPANY NEWS / 2020-10-26 08:36:40

Nowadays, home improvement is increasingly pursuing simplicity, and even the skirting has become the object of "breaking away". It is really beautiful without skirting, but whenever everyone decides to give up the skirting, decorators and designers have Advise to think again. Don't kick your feet, it will not only cost money but also cause all kinds of troubles.

There are baseboards of various materials and sizes on the market. You can also choose a variety of colors and shapes, as long as the design is exquisite, the skirting can also be beautiful. Let's take a look


Skirting is a special term used in decoration. In the room design, the inner corner line, the waist line, and the skirting line play a visual balance. Using their linear feeling, material, color, etc. to echo each other in the room, it can play a better beautification decoration effect. Another function of the skirting line is its protective function. The skirting line, as the name suggests, is the area on the wall that can be kicked, so it is more vulnerable to impact. The skirting can better make the wall and the ground bond firmly, reduce wall deformation, and avoid damage caused by external collision. In addition, the skirting is easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, the skirting also occupies a considerable proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contour line of the ground, and the line of sight will often fall naturally on it. In general, the thickness of the skirting line out of the wall is 5-10mm.


Closure: The combination between the ground and the wall may not be very good, so you need to add skirting to make it level.

Easy to clean: dust is not easy to fall into the gaps in the corners, and cleaning is more convenient.

Protect the corners: When mopping the floor, the water from the mop will not penetrate the wall easily.

Beautiful: The materials and colors are different from the ground or wall, which gives the space a sense of hierarchy and looks more beautiful.


The most commonly used skirting lines for tiles are divided into: ceramic skirting, glass skirting, stone skirting, wood skirting, PVC skirting, aluminum alloy skirting, PS polymer skirting line.

Among them, ceramic baseboards are divided into: glazed tile baseboards and vitrified tile baseboards. If you choose ceramic baseboards, it is generally recommended to choose baseboards with the same material as the floor tiles. If it is an antique brick, you can consider glazed skirting. If it is a choice of vitrified tiles, you can consider vitrified tile skirting. PS polymer is widely used as a substitute for solid wood and stone skirting. High-end effect and mid-range price.


There are two main ways to choose the color of the tile baseboard: one is the approach method and the other is the contrast method. Proximity method: is the selection method in which the color of the selected skirting line is the same or close to the color of the floor tiles. Contrast method: the color of the selected skirting line is in contrast with the color of the floor tiles.

Generally speaking, for light-colored floor tiles, I personally do not recommend light-colored baseboards. I personally recommend choosing neutral brown baseboards.

2 options:

1. Generally the same or close to the color of the door cover, so there will be a sense of integrity. In this case, do not consider the color of the door and floor;

2. Close to the color of the floor, regardless of the color of the door and door cover. The color of the skirting should be slightly darker than the color of the floor to give the room a sense of hierarchy.

Both can be chosen, and both have good results


In the past, the height of the skirting line was generally about 10 cm. In recent years, the height of the skirting line has been reduced a little. Generally, the height of 6.6 cm or 7 cm is used in general households, because this can make the interior decoration look more delicate , Beautiful.